The Workbook
Just For Kids! is contained in a 153 page children's workbook segmented into nine tabbed sections to allow weekly or bi-weekly delivery, depending on preferred format.

The workbook includes modeling stories about Ralph Rabbit and Bonnie Bear who are soft, fluffy and round and live in Monarch Meadow. They have various encounters and adventures with Leonard Lamb who teaches them how to accept their genetic body build, talk about their feelings and needs, and become physically active and eat a diet that is healthy but not depriving.

The workbook also includes a weekly goals scoreboard, other behavior change record keeping forms, and charts and tables displaying various nutrition, exercise and behavior guidelines.

The Instructor's Guide
The Just For Kids! Instructor's Guide is intended for use by educators and health professionals delivering the program in a group or individual counseling format.

The Instructor's Guide provides step-by-step preparation and delivery plans for each weekly session and includes guidelines for establishing and promoting a program.